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Friday, November 14, 2014

Goods to Make Your Turkey Day Tantilizingly Top Notch!

With Turkey Day about two seconds away there are certain things you will need to start collecting. Here are some some tips on where to get these key ingredients and support our local economy all at the same time!

The bird: Well, the word on the bird is that my good friends Lisa and Scott at Hardin's Natural Food store in Hothckiss are hookin' us up with Grateful Harvest turkeys. Non GMO, super fresh and natural birds in varying sizes. Call and reserve your turkey today you turkeys! 872-3019

The stuff you stuff in the bird, 'n stuff:  Monica Wittanen and crew) of Small Potatoes Bakery is the gal to go to for dinner rolls, fresh bread and bread to make your stuffing with. If you are not already on her email list, get on it.

The stuff your mom always made you finish before you got dessert:  The veggies of course! Well, my friend Scott at Small Potatoes Farm is the man to complete this part of the picture. I suspect he will have all kinds of goodies from potatoes to garlic to root veggies. Get on his email list too for weekly offerings of fresh, colorful, oh so tasty goodies from the garden.

Something sweet because you ate all your veggies:  Pie, is of course a necessity on every Turkey Day table. The word is that North Fork Food on Grand Ave is the pie getting location.  Check out their website at

And let us not forget something with which to wet our palates. We are so lucky to have in our midst some of the best winemakers, well, anywhere. Most of these wines can be purchased from one of your local liqour stores and I would suggest trying any of these selection: Pinot Noir from 5680, Alfred Eames or Black Bridge. A Chardonnay from 5680, Black Bridge or Stone Cottage Cellars. For a stunning rose or Pinot Gris, Mesa Winds knocks its out of the ball park. Really any of the other selections too. We have some vintners with some pretty mad skills working their magic for us so a local selection for wine is going to be a safe bet.

That's all I have for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and maybe Ill see you at the football game at the park on Saturday where the Paonia Eagles will most likely dominate yet again! GO EAGLES!!!

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