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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thinking of Selling Your Home...?

Well here are Ash's notes that I got from reading a great article from This Old House on how to maximize your home's selling potential: Hope you find them as helpful as I do.

1. Open up your floor plan. This can create the illusion of a larger space even if you are working with a snug one. Buyers like that, oh yes, they do.

2. Landscape! Especially in places like the North Fork where trees, shrubs and lawns can grow like crazy. Clean it up, it will show better and buyers wont be scratching their heads wondering what the lawn could look like with some work...?

3. That little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine - Let the light shine in!  Be it mood lighting via dimmers, sky lights or sun tubes in the ceiling, let that light in. It can create softness and lend itself to a pleasant feel in most any space.

4. Keep up with basic maintenance!  Fix that leaky faucet, clean out and replace those ancient rain gutters, and pull them weeds out of the flower planters. Easy stuff that should be on going for a home owner. Now is the time to stay on top of it!!

5. If possible "go green" on a particular feature of your home. This could mean anything from a solar powered water heater to a new, more energy efficient heating system. Not only can these features save money but they are a good selling point to the environmentally friendly buyer. Go green!

6. Make the front of your home (and the first impression) look welcoming. Its not just us little girls that dream of a little house with a red front door and a white picket fence. The front door of your house is its smile and hello. A fresh coat of paint or a new knocker cost very little and can make a big difference in the first impression of a home.

7. Mind what they are stepping on. A new floor is a lovely thing but you can make a difference with small fixes like nailing that squeeky floor board down, replacing a cracked tile or repairing torn carpet. There are ways to do minor fixes and make a big difference.

8. Kitchen and bath quick fixes (mind you these can be extensive but little this and that fixes dont have to be). TOH suggests some basic touches like replacing frosted glass with clear glass,scrubbing off those rust stains, applying fresh caulk, slap on some new door knobs and cabinet handles and such. Little touches that lots of people don't notice but that perhaps, that certain potential buyer, just may.

9.Paint the walls a nice, neutral color for the love of other people's eyes. Anyone who has raised a little girl knows the eye strain of a bright pink paint job but when it comes time to selling your home, buy her a new bike in exchange for a nice, neutral coat of paint on those walls.

10. Lose the out-dated features that make 'em ask what the bleep is that...? Such as that groovy wall paper from the seventies that, let's face it, what never really groovy. Or other, overtly awkward things that you can fix fairly easily and that will make your home more appealing to the new eyes looking at it. You get the picture.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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