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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Some Legit Reasons for FSBO's to Work With a Realtor

I understand the motivation behind people wanting to sell their own homes. To save money, to have more control over the process, and because they know their home better than anyone. I respect these things but I would like to share some pretty darn good reasons to work with a Realtor too...

1.    The MLS. Should you choose to work with a Realtor, your property will be posted in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is a powerful real estate networking tool that is accessible only to licensed real estate brokers and agents. This valuable tool will help your home to get a lot more action both locally and across the country.
2.    Don’t waste your money. Ads and other marketing tactics cost money, gosh darn it.  A good Realtor can be your guide as to when, where and how your property should get advertised both strategically and aggressively.
3.    It’s not what ya know, it’s who ya know... A National Association of Realtors study show that a good lot of real estate sales are the result of agents being referred by previous clients.
4.    Who will see your home? Due to a reduced commission or the possibility of a difficult transaction, agents may avoid showing their buyers homes that for sale by owner.
5.    The importance of pricing. A real estate agent can do an accurate current market analysis and assist in one of the most important part of selling a home - pricing it correctly!
6.    Dolling up your home and getting it ready to sell. A real estate agent can provide tips for staging and small home improvement that will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.
7.    Fear of FSBO’s. Buyers might feel hesitant to ask the homeowner questions that they might ask an agent because they don’t perceive the owner to be an expert in real estate. Also, they may be less likely to make an offer directly to the seller.
8.    Those pesky legal issues.  The list of potential legal issues that may arise during a real estate transaction is long. An experienced real estate agent knows the legal requirements and documents involved in a real estate transaction and they know how to navigate them with care and expertise. Additionally, a good Realtor will know when to advise you to seek legal assistance if needed.
9.    Negotiations can be tough stuff.  Buyers are more savvy now than ever before. There are a multitude of potential deal killers that can arise in buying and selling real estate. For example, price, possession, repairs, inspections, etc.. There are not always easily hurdled but an experienced real estate agent knows the ins and outs of negotiating these sometimes choppy waters.
10.  The closing, when and if you get there…  Getting to closing can be an uphill battle with a reluctant buyer. A Realtor knows this and they know how to get you through the process and to that closing table.

Any questions…?

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