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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flight of the Eagles Project - The State Champion Track Team Without a Track...

Paonia is my home town. I love it because it has a quintessential small town feel but also has so many genuinely cool things going on. We have some of the best wineries in the state (or anywhere for that matter), an award winning brew pub, some pretty great restaurants, including two food trucks that park at the end of Grand Ave several days a week. There is a crazy cool art and music scene, that just seems to be getting better all the time, and we have our own community supported movie theater! We have all of this and we get to live in a quiet, close knit community of people who honestly care about and support one another. This is the kind of place where, if a family needs food, or even Christmas presents for their kids, they know that they will be provided. It is an eclectic melting pot of people from all around the world who have come together because they value quality of life over all else. It's really no wonder that, with all of that going for them, we also have a top notch high school with a football team who just won state, back to back in 2013/2014, and a girls state champion track team who, ironically, don't even have a track. That is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the incredibly gifted kids we have in our community. Thus it is, as a community, that we have come together to kick start the Flight of the Eagles Project, which will provide these talented athletes with a much needed track to practice on, a new football field, and better athletic facilities in all around. The imagination takes flight (pun very much intended) at the thought of how far these amazing, already state champion winning young people could go with proper track and fields at their disposal. Paonia is my home town and I, for one, cannot wait to find out.

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