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Monday, August 24, 2015

So You Wanna Be A Winemaker?

Well who wouldn't? What could be more picture book romantic than gazing out over your vineyard at sunset sipping a glass of wine that you made! The truth is wine making is a whole lot of work from dirt to glass. It takes good dirt, good grapes, cooperative weather, patience and a serious sense of humor most days in addition to a lot of back breaking labor to get from point a to b. Whoa, easy now, don't panic and for the love of Bacchus don't talk yourself out of wanting to be a winemaker. The good part, the one that I haven't told you yet, and the best part of all is that it's all worth it. It's hard, hell yes it is, but like most things that are its worth the effort. It's like falling in love a little at a time, and with some vines. From putting your hands in the soil to selecting and planting the vines to watering them and watching them grow. Training them, pruning and thinning them to assure that they are healthy and happy so that the grapes will be too. Waiting patiently for them to mature and ripen to the ideal point for harvest and then crush. Not to be too literal but it's kind of like watching a kid grow up and go away to college only in this instance "college" is a fermentation tank and then a barrel followed by a bottle, a glass and then your tummy. When I put it like that I guess it's not all that different than college. But I digress. Wine making is certainly not for everyone but if you discover that it is for you than you will fall in love whether you want to or not. It's some of the hardest work that you will do in your life but also some of the most fun and rewarding. Alas my love affair with wine making is a thing of my past and a lifetime ago and now continues only vicariously through the winemakers around me. Now I am just the lucky one who gets to enjoy the fruit of their labors. Could be worse. So you, yeah you, the hesitant dreamer who only fantasizes about making, get off your butt and on the phone and call me right now! Let's go find that vineyard of your dreams so that you can start to making the wine of mine... Ashley Trego with RE/MAX Mountain West located at 225 Grand Ave in Paonia. Mobile (303) 746-6114 /

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